I can't make JTRTech Loyalty Points already been claimed screen to show up

Please help me, I’ve checked everything for few hours now. Still can’t make this red screen happen.

Below is my settings:


When I input Ticket ID, SambaPOS takes me back to ticket screen and nothing happens.

Definatly putting id and numt no in?

I just can’t pass the Ticket ID screen, type 4 > OK > back to ticket screen, nothing happens.

That number 4 you see in the ticket is not the ticket id, is the ticket number, you can see the ticket id in ticket explorer by adding the column ticket id or by executing a show message inside the ticket with {TICKET ID} as message, or you can edit your printer template, add {TICKET ID} and printing the ticket, verify that the ticket id of that ticket you want to claim points is correct.

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Thank you! It works now. :heart_eyes: