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That V5 will be released tomorrow… IS THAT TOO MUCH!? :’) haha just kidding…

Let’s share something, let’s assume that everyone here has a business (Restaurant - Café) what was the busiest time of your life? how many customers did you have? :smiley:


Y u do dis :’(

I have a small coffee shop that seats about 20 inside and 6 outside.

My busiest time of the year occurs around Christmas - New Year, and is consistent year over year.

Every table is full inside and out, and there is a line from my counter out the door. It continues like this for about 6 hours straight for about 1 week. With 5 people working, we don’t have time to stop or rest for 6 hours, then it tapers off a bit. We close 2 hours later and lock the door. Now we spend 2-3 more hours preparing new product for the next day since we are completely sold out.

My shop is in a tourist-based area where things are very seasonal. We ride this roller coaster ever year, so we know what to expect. This time of year (August thru November) is very quiet and business is poor, bu it is a nice reprieve somewhat. I get to work more on implementing new things into SambaPOS and go to the beach to drink beer in the ocean with friends. Relaxing and quiet, but living on shoestring budget with the reserve saved from high-season.

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Nice to have a beer down the beach with you one day… Sorry off topic but I do not own a restaurant as feel it must be one serious hard profession that has to be born from the love of it!

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LOL, yes, I believe Restaurants are one of the hardest businesses to run successfully. I must be a little crazy, because I started a second venue in May - so now I have 2 restaurants to run!

The reward is not the money for me (we don’t make much); rather, it is the social aspect that I enjoy - meeting new people, seeing return visitors, finding new friends from all over the world.

I am an IT guy by profession, but we got tired of the North American Rat Race, fast pace, and stress. Though money was good and we had all the toys, we gave it all up and sold it all or gave it away, for a simpler life where we live with less, don’t watch TV, don’t have smart-phones… but the quality of life is far greater here IMHO. And the enjoyment we have now cannot be compared to having “things” and keeping up with the Joneses.


Oh God, this is really charming. Will you hire me?

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I’m a formally Electronic Technician and Dynamic Position Engineer.
Never had a Restaurant or worked in the Hospitality business before.
After working to long time from home (Offshore business) I made a decision to be more with my family and return home.
I have worked one year hard to rebuild a living a house into a 18 Century looking Restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.
As we struggle here with the quality of craftsmanship, and one of the issues was the POS system I purchased,
So decided to find something what could help me out and I would be in control as the system I purchased was not working after 3 month of installation. Thanks Emre, Kendash, QMcKay and all other members for the great job done, I have now 300% more POS system as ever expected, and enjoy to be a member and helping out with issues were I can.
Our Restaurant is only open for 4 Month and we still working on the Menu and concepts.
Great to do, but stress overall, sometimes better just to have a job.
So my busiest time is right now.


So long as you’re good with people, enjoy the sun and hot weather… oh and don’t mind being paid very poorly! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Umm probably I’d assemble pizza making robots and capture their wages to be able to fiddle around… So people will hate me :wink: