I have three questions need to clarified.please do something

1.i want add one more decimal in ticket

for example ticket is printing 2.00
i want to print 2.000

2.How to add discount button in order screen?

3.and i want add button for delivery charge button in order screen?

Please guys reply for this…

  1. When you say ticket do you mean ticket onscreen or printed ticket? On screen is only possible for 2 decimal places, on printed we need to look at expressions ill try and have a play later and see if i can get that to work

  2. Search for the forum for discounts there are numerous tutorials for fixed price discounts and percentage discounts. Simply follow the tutorials that give you a step by step guide on how to set them up. I followed them and they work perfect, we spend a lot of time creating these tutorials to help you

  3. I have an admin category with delivery charge as a product so you could set it up like that

Or you could have a miscellaneous item setup so when you press it its asks for a price (if you have multiple charges)

Or you could set up a button and a calculation that when pressed adds a delivery charge as a percentage of the ticket total or adds the charge if a set amount

There are numerous ways to do this, have a search of the forum as these have been asked and answered before and any probs with the setup just ask we will all help but please read the tutorials we spend hours writing, have a try setting up and let us know where youre struggling when you try the setups

To add Calculation Buttons in the order screen you setup Calculation Selectors… those are the buttons.


 [=FF('{PRINTER TAG}','000')]

Where PRINTER TAG is whatever tag your wanting it to show with #.000

Thanks for your reply.

Your welcome. Please have patients with the community. Making multiple posts and multiple threads and pleading with community for a response often will get you a negative response or slow or no response.

Everybody here including the people that graciously volunteer time to help community are very busy and often pick their time to help people they feel interested in. Often people lose interest if the question is vague or if the person seems pushy with requiring an answer.

I think people tend to confuse the community with a paid support forum.


Another thought for your delivery charge could be an ask question when entering the pos. “Is this a delivery order” pressing no would take you to a normal ticket, pressing yes would take you to a delivery ticket or update the ticket state to delivery and automatically add the delivery charge to the ticket before you even start adding orders

This would prevent anyone forgetting to add a delivery charge if one was needed and would teach you another function you can use in samba to help develop your knowledge and understanding

Hopefully a helpful thought for you :slight_smile: