I hope some of the questions answered

  1. Can you buy an Arabic version of the program?
    2 - Can I put the restaurant’s name from the beginning of the program?
    3-Can I put the slogan highest invoice and what is the way?
  2. All annotations on the site to link to the database program and I applied all to no avail?
  3. Can I become representative of the program, Saudi Arabia and the Middle East?
    Please do reply to all my questions

No, not at the minute, V3 was the last opensource which some still use because of that as can reqrite code with language.
Many features in the front end can be renamed in whatever language, products obviously can be names whatever, but not all can be changed.
Increased language support is on emres list of things to improve.

You can change the large samba logo on the front login screen, just search the forum…

Dont understand what you mean by that.

Can you elaborate? you mean to use SQL for database?
This is well documented on the forum, if your having issues explain them and help will be offered.

This would be down to emre, he has mentioned a reseller support type agreement will possibly come in the future but guess depends on your definition of representative…
(Without being rude I would imagine anyone become a official reseller or whatever would need to be fluent in the software and know the answers to the above questions :stuck_out_tongue: )