I know nothing about Networking, Domains and servers

Kindly, I need someone who helps me I installed Windows7Professional to the Main computer and am going to use MI Pad (android based tablet) as Ordering machine, I tried to follow the step by step guide but it could not help
I always become stranded in the client page when it asks me to get Server, Port, username and password.
now my request is the need for someone who really helps me step by step and tells me what I need

Some helpful pages from the forum.

Thank you Peter for your prompt reply
I did all the steps but from there I don’t know how to connect what I did to 2x client Android phone
If I connect Splashtop2 when I use the phone the computer moves it means only one user can use at time.
please I don’t know how you have chance but if you really think you can help me. contact me from skype: sheebalyare
I appreciate

Hi sheebalyare,
Sorry I can not Skype as I’m working in our Restaurant and just make some time to answer some question when I have a spare minute.

I don’t know of Windows 7 Prof support RDP connections, I have upgraded all our till systems to Windows 8.1 to allow RDP connections. Best would be Windows Server software what is supporting the RDP connections. I have no experiance with the 2x.com software.

Windows 7 Professional allows RDP exactly same as other Pro versions :smile:

I have provided some additional information on your other post.
Please try to avoid posting similar question on multiple threads as gets very confusing for people.