I need help in configuration for thermal printer sam4s

I tried to config the printer settings , but every time i click on CASH there is no print , I am totally new to SambaPOS , can you plz provide me with step by step guidance to configure the printer ?

Thank you.

Depends, by default I’m pretty sure there is no print on payment, you choose when with automation, ie I don’t print on cash, only card.
Does print bill button print?

it prints , but small receipt with weird values .
I want to have the ticket printed and drawer open when i click on cash
unless i am using the POS the wrong way , I am totally new to SambaPOS , maybe i am doing order the wrong way , if you can provide me step by step on how to have my POS ready to use , i have only one POS and one printer , i take order as follows : " clients come in order , i go click on one of the tables >> choose items >> click on settle >> click on ALL >> than click on Cash "
I donno if i am doing it correctly .

There isn’t a payment tendered print in default install.
I’m not at PC to show my automation but you would want to create a new rule and set constraints.
Your senario there are few options.
I force card payment receipt on every payment processed where type equals card.
I have seperate rule that only forces print on cash if it was over £20.
As a busy bar we would get through a rainforest of paper otherwise.
But I do have a show change popup which offers option t print a receipt also for smaller transactions.

You would benefit from watching a few of my video tutorials to familierise yourself with the SambaPOS automation principles.
I have a couple for making fast cash buttons for 5, 10 and twenty and exact cash on ticket screen, and then one for the show change and print copy Bill popup.
Just search the forum for ‘HD with Voiceover’ and you’ll find my tutorials.

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Pretty sure there is a configuration task that will configure print by payment type. Look in settings > configuration tasks should be one to configure print on payment type

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Think you right but if you have time watch the video and do it manually as is a very good starter task toget used to samba automation.

Setup to open cash drawer: