I need to add eat in button and delivery

hello All

I am new to this POS system i would like to add home delivery and takeaway button

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Adding buttons is the easy bit, is what you want them to do thats the tricky bit

Can you explain in more detail what you want to happen when you press the “Eat In” button and what do you want to happen when you press the “Home Delivery” button

We will then be able to help and suggest some things for you :slight_smile:

Here … change the terms used to Delivery / Take Away

Hi all

Eat in : the customer came to the counter and order then the employee ask eat in or take away if eat in the order will be delivered to the table after he pay or he can wait to take the order by himself.

delivery : usually ordered by phone so if he is new customer will be registered so i need his details name address and mobile number.

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