I need To Buy SambaPOS 4 license

I need To Buy SambaPOS 4 License Eny One Can Help me…
I need To Buy Custom Reports & Database BackUP

Hi @sayuru_ranshan,

I can organize this for you.

Could you send me a message let me know what kind of custom reports are you looking for?

Database backups is part of V5 license.

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I need SambaPOS 4 Not SambaPOS 5
Customer is in real Low Price So I can’t Buy SambaPOS 5

SambaPOS 4 is no longer supported and I believe module licenses for V4 are discontinued. I am happy to provide you a discount for a bulk purchase of 4x SambaPOS Licenses

@Tayfun could you clarify on V4 module licenses?

We don’t support or provide V4 anymore.


Yes I like to Buy Can you send

I sent you a private message

How much is that cost

SambaPOS V5 License is 249$ (per email/database, one time payment) . If you can follow up on the private message I sent you I can give you a discount on bulk purchase of 4 licenses.

With the license you get access to:

  • Custom Report Module
  • Database Backup Module
  • Caller ID module
  • Scale Module
  • URL Printer module
  • Custom Printer Module (customer screens etc.)
  • Twitter Orders Module
  • More Ticket Actions Module
  • Shell Subtitle Module
  • Google Calendar API Module
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