I thought I lost all my data but fear not

Hi there everyone, I was facing an issue where I lost all of my data on samba, but managed to resolve it. It happened because I downloaded SQL 2016 express which did not support my operating system, which then I uninstalled SQL. There after my data was still gone.

If anyone in the near future is to come across this issue. Its a pretty simple issue to resolve. I THOUGHT all of my data has been removed but realised that if you go on C:// users, you will be able to find two files located on the bottom just copy these two files over onto your usb drive or hard drive then overwrite it with your original one and you should get all your changes and menu configs back.

This forum has helped me so much and just shows persistence and a little bit of research and hard work pays off in the end with all you guys. Thanks again everyone :raised_hands: