I want purchase v5

Hi, i want to purchase v5 but before it i want to know. I have 1 restaurant and in my restaurant i want to set it on one main pc like Server and use Samba on 3 or 4 terminals. Secondly i need dufferent reports like cost profit etc. And all data should be save in my server. So is it perfect for me and all these facilities is in 99.00$ payment for life time. Thanks

Are you asking if Samba is capable of doing this…? Yes it is more than capable of filling all these tasks all you need to be able to do is utilize searching the fourm. You can test out Samba for free without paying for it with full features.[quote=“wattoo.biz, post:1, topic:12899”]
is in 99.00$ payment for life time.

Yep it is $99 per database, but from your orignail question, you only need 1 DB so it will be $99 liftime, including updates until Samba moves to V6