I want the waiter to make an order tag, but he can't change the price

Sice in order tag, general setting it is free tagging but can modify the price

Free tag shows a price field next to name when adding does it not?
Have changed to question over issue until this is confirmed as a big which I don’t think it is.

I appreciate your help and excuse my bad English. I have selected in the photo that I show “free tagging”, but I don’t see the option you describe to me

I remember that in sambapos 4 there is the option you mention. I don’t see that here

Its not on that screen, I’m pretty sure the box to enter the price on on the order tag section screen, when your rule fires from the pos screen and the displays the order tag screen you should see it there

I don’t use free order tags or that screen but I’m pretty sure that’s where the option you want is

You have to type the name of the tag first and then you select and type the price. Its there just look closer.

Very kind, but I just don’t want them to modify the price. I will try what they told me. Very kind

If you want free text tag wihtout ability to set price use [?Prompt] to automate adding freetag to bypass option of price.


In the field where the note is written, the option to change the price is on the right. I wish that option is not available. In sambapos 4 that was easy to achieve

How so, not aware of any changes to that between v5 and v5.
As I said before you could use automation with a [?Prompt] to update free tag which isn’t openly mapped to product so only text is set and price is forced at 0.
I plan to do this on my system for improved use anyway since more steps selected then opening keyboard where freetag button on order mapping would go straight to keyboard and enter would submit.