I want to buy Database Backup for SambaPOS But cant pay by Paypal

I want to buy Database Backup for SambaPOS from Samba Market, For this portal required Paypal account but unfortunately Paypal not in my country so i cant create Paypal account in my country so now what have to do to purchase activation key of Database Backup for SambaPOS.
Please Help

I am not trying to push V5 or trying to talk you out of buying a v4 module but I thought I would mention that the license fee of $99 for version 5 includes all of the paid modules for version 4 including the $49.95 Custom Reports module. Its a very good deal considering the capabilities and the fact that version 4 no longer will receive updates.

Something you might consider before you purchase modules for version 4.

PS: That does not help you with your question I am sorry but only @emre can answer that.

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Sir i m not interested in this deal because i m trying to use thi software as trail after learning it i will decied to buy it not just tell me the way to buy Database Backup. Plz

Like I said only Emre can answer your question. I do not know if he can accept other methods.

V5 also has 500 ticket unrestricted trial. V4 will never be updated again.

It was not a special deal I just wanted to make sure you were aware that v4 is no longer getting updates and v5 is the current version. Also a lot of people dont know that v5 comes with unrestricted trial mode.

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If you are doing trials on the software, then download and try V5… it has the modules built in.

There is no point in buying the V4 modules just so you can try them out. That makes no sense to do that. They are included in V5 and you can “trial” the modules within V5, without paying anything, sir.

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