I want to create a custom Table layout and Logo in ticket

Hi I want to create a custom Table layout and need to also put my logo into the ticket printing, can anyone help?


Both of these are well documented on the forum, please search before posting :slight_smile:

Although do understand finding the correct terminology can be hard sometimes.

You need to create a custom entity screen, set the background image and then add buttons for tables and set them as the corresponding entities.

Either use <BMP> template tag and a B&W .bmp image of the logo or google your printer manual and utility to load image into printer NVRAM and find its <XCT> command code to add it from that


Just to add to that i always prefer to add the image to the NVRAM of the printer, its soooooo much faster when printing, pretty much instant😀


Think this is often because the <BMP> will except larger files than required and the printers upload utility resizes etc the image before saving, as I have opted for bmp option but by reducing image to basic B&W and smaller res etc it doesn’t seem to impact the printer speed at all, thats on both older epson and chinese clones.

Hey Thanks for the help guys, another question I try to create a 20% discount button for my eployees, so not sure if you can help me here, I try to look inthe forum but found nothing!

You’ll probably want to use a ‘calculation’. Have another search with that term :wink: