I would like to help me and give me ideas on how to do it please

I want to fill out a new client with the following fields
(CompanyName, RUC, Address) RUC is my ID

my server is connected to internet
this page (http://www.sunat.gob.pe/w/wapS01Alias?ruc=20493534301) gives me data about a customer, giving the RUC as data.

I would like to create a button to add a client to automatically fill in the fields as they are (CompanyName and Address)

I saw this implemented in SambaPOS V2: a RucLibrary.cs and Ruclibrary.dll.

could please help me to know where to go
I will be eternally grateful: D

@arturjur this is technically possible however it will take a lot of time to setup an expression to extract data properly from that kind of content. Since html is used to display data on screen it will be hard to identify correct values. Does it have a better version that is formatted with a known data transfer standard such as JSON or CVS ?