I'm on holidays :)

Just a quick note to let everyone know that I’m officially on holidays.

No mobile reception for the better part of two weeks. So if anyone wonders where I am, no I’m not dead. Just out exploring the Simpson Desert in outback Australia.

Bye for now :smiley:

Have fun :slight_smile: Don’t forget to shoot some nice photos for us…


Take some water with you :wink:


Enjoy your holiday @JohnS

I’m in small paradise in Fethiye, Turkey @ Club Tuana Resort

I would recommend to anyone planning a vacation.

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Good times! Come back REFRESHED!


@Isaac I’m glad you liked Fethiye. These days weather is really hot in Turkey. I hope you’re enjoying your holiday :slight_smile:

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Thanks yes it sure is sizzling here. Great break. :slight_smile: