Implementation manual

Hi all, i am new on this forum and i have liked the way you guys are articulating issues. I am interested with buying version 5 samba pos for our restaurant in Africa however there are so many things i am not understanding about the pos.From adding tax templates,Groups categories,customising logos,how to void tickets and refunding,setting receipt printers etc kindly can i get implementation manual i will really appreciate.

The forum is the manual, theres so much you can do and so many way different way to do the same thing documenting it all in a manual would be difficult and extremely time consuming. It would also rely on people from the forum working together to produce it in their own time which given the size of the task is why it hasnt been done

That said everything you want has already been documented in the forum and there are lots if tutorials, i suggest you use the forum search, have a go and when you get stuck shout out in the forum for help and we can help you iron out any issues in your implementation :slight_smile: