Import products fron V4 to v5


I am going live tomorrow at 6:00 am, and I am not ready yet, so to save me 4 hours, I wanted to know it there is an easy way to import product (only) from v4 to v5.
By easy, I mean easy, if I have to figure out or program a lot, in both version, it’s not worth.

Thanks fpr your help,


You could have just upgraded to v5 and everything would work as before.


No I’ve been preparing a sambaPOS which can issue electronic billing for me (V5) and for another restaurant (V4), which is completly different of the one that are used now.

Well there is no single button import feature you will have to do a little work. There is import option but it will not import everything. Its recommended to just build the menu yourself. The export to YAML feature is only in v5. You could backup the v4 database then upgrade it to v5 and export the menu to yaml then transfer it over… but thats a lot of work.

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