[Important] ⚑ For people who makes / consider making business with SambaPOS


V5 release is so near and with public release we want to immediately start improving our services and products to support your SambaPOS business. Your thoughts will help us a lot to shape up our plans.

On next week we’ll gather whole SambaPOS team and advisers for a meeting about V5 release and our future plans. Next day we’ll launch V5. On that meeting I want to share with team what you expect from us and we’ll consider how we should improve our team to fulfill your needs.

So I’ll be grateful if you can write me details about:

  1. Your business details, your country, etc.
  2. Your thoughts about current state of SambaPOS.
  3. Reasons of your interest to SambaPOS.
  4. What you did with SambaPOS.
  5. Your thoughts about opportunities and SambaPOS potential.
  6. Features you need.
  7. What you’ll primarily expect from us as a business partner.
  8. Anything else you have in mind.

Please don’t answer this post other than feedbacks or questions. You can write to emre@sambapos.com e-mail address.

All people who responds will recognized as potential SambaPOS business partners and we’ll periodically contact you to inform you about our progress. Feel free to give all details you think we must take into account.

If you previously contacted us, your feedbacks are already evaluated and we’ll also contact you as your requests fulfilled but it will be awesome if you can answer above questions. We have limited time in that meeting and we’ll be able to evaluate latest ones.

Thank you very much for your time.


Thanks to everyone who helped me by sending their answers. I learned really interesting stuff. You can still share your thoughts if you’re interested.