Important questions needs help

Hi all, Im glad to share you this perfect product and I have some questions needs help.

1- I need to make a complimentary product.
2- How to login with user cards?
3- I want tax not calculate after discount.
4- This message apear whlie trying to merge tickets on same table “Cant merge tickets contains calculations”.
5- How to make To Go service (in details clarify please)

Please help me. :slight_smile: and thanks.

Every question you have asked has been discussed and answered numerous times in this forum. Please utilize the search function and try to do some research on these topics. Here are a few to get you started, I used the search function to find these.

PS. There are more discussions than just these but I thought I should let you get familiar with search on your own as it will help you more later.

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Many thanks, as i said Im a new user. thanks for help. about the first point I asked to how to settle a payement complimentary to trace how many tickets closed in this type complimentary with 100% discount after including taxes and excluded taxes. the two types. also what if i has a customer and i need to exclude him from taxes.

thaaaaanks my firends Im realy glad with your response.

Other issue Please
I tried the sales tax examle but i need it calculated after service charge
Sales tax is from (subtotal+service charge))

in image sales tax is calculated from subtotal how to fix please?