Impossible to connect to mobile client messaging server error 4000

Hi there
I installed Mobile Client on android tablet but it gives “Connection Error”. What could be problem? I followed all instructions on documentation
Installed sql services tested the messaging server everything work fine
but when trying to connect the app on android tablet it does not connect
error 4000/4001 messaging server
FYI I’ve bought both licenses mobile and V5 pro

please help as it’s an urgent case

Can you show the settings from the mobile client?

Did you enable the port in windows firewall?

You installed message server service to 9000+ correct?

After creating the user and application did you restart message server

thank you for your fast and prompt answer ,
well as I mentionned I installed server service 9000+ by double clicking samba message server tool and install
also I restarted as many time the server

How about the windows firewall?

I do strongly think that everyone is set correctly had ever disabled firewall and created both rule for inbound and outbound traffic via port 9000 and port 1433

Do I need to create exception for UDP port as Well ?

You should be ok. Can you show mobile client settings?

Yes, let me share screenshoot

as you see it’s show server and wifi in green which means that it’s detecting the server obviously however once I get to settings
I can not connect it’s showing the error

Please enter http:// then the ip

alright it was not written in the documentation I’ll try immediately

It may not be correct. But it’s saying it can’t reach message server. Are you connected to the correct network?

Did you enable gql functions in the app you setup. What version of sambapos ?

Yes the exact same network, shared over router
I tried http does not work give an error 4001 which means can’t detect
however noticed that the app is showing Demo in the bottom , and whatever I’m typing it does show license exceeded 70
I will enable all Gql function
I’m using the last version 5.5
as you noticed from screens

In your database. Dbo.AddonLicenses delete all lines and then run the licensing.exe again and try it again.

can you please help me where I can find it ?

where I can find and access my license database

If you already installed it. Log into SQL server management. Click on Databases > select your database > scroll down until you see dbo.AddonLicenses.

thank you I’m installing Sql SM right away and will check
I log in just with
samba sql login ?

You will use the information you provided during the SQL server installation.