Impossible to connect to mobile client messaging server error 4000

I’m there what shall I do erase the whole db license ?

Resolved , Actually I think the issue is somehow related to sambapos 5.5 ,
Erased all database via SSMS and installed sambapos 5.3.6
reactivated licenses and worked like a Charm perfectly connected
I have just a question why It does not auto refresh ? when I make on order on certain table have to click table on Pc to refresh entities occupied
thank you a lot for your effort guys

It will work with 5.5 as well did you try what I suggested

We redid licensing.

I’m having the same problem. It was working this morning, until we updated to 5.5.0 :frowning:
And now we have to same error 4000, can’t connect to Message Server. But nothing in the config has changed…

Can you try what I mentioned above about the addonlicenses table. Or email

I cleared all lines in Dbo.AddonLicenses, rerun Licencing.exe and reinstalled licence. It picks up the Mobile licence, but no change on the Mobile Client.

I tried clearing lines again, now everytime i open SambaPos, im getting this message

And its saying this :

Ive tried rerunning Licensing.exe and it doesnt change anything.

There is nothing in the Log file concerning the error.

Can anyone help ?

Had the exact same problem you can re-roll back to the previous version if you have a backup as I mentioned earlier
@Jesse is there possible to migrate to a previous version like 5.3.6

@ashmiller do you have an automatic back up file
If yes you may go through cleaning database and reinstall a new copy of Sambapos and license it again
Should work I do think :thinking:

Before anyone does any reversal please first email our support. Latest version is stable we can help you fix your issue. The new mobile client is very close to release and will require 5.50

Thank you for your answer will give it a try
Excited about the new mobile version
Any more informations about the change log in this new mobile version

It’s a major improvement. Here are some screenshots.

Oh so amazing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::star_struck::star_struck: I really liked it any date when it’s will be released

I managed to fix problem by transferring to a new database. It also fixed my problem with Mobile Client, so don’t know what really happened there… :sweat_smile:
New version looks great though !

Absolutely same here I strongly believe that the database may cause a problem when updated without licensed first :thinking:
In all case happy that you resolve the issue :grin:

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