Incorrect date range filtering on Account Details screen

When I was noting down issues about date pickers I noticed an issue with the date range on Account Details screen, so decided to put this issue separately into this topic.

When you enter a date range filter, dates entered are considered as datetime (i.e. 18/03/2016 is considered 18/03/2016 00:00). This means you don’t get the results you expect. If I want all transactions between 17/03/2016 and 18/03/2016, I would expect I just enter those dates as the start and end dates, however this will actually only give me transactions for 17/03/2016 since it considers the end date as 18/03/2016 00:00. I can imagine some people have been caught out by this and missed some transactions.

In this example there are 4 transactions in the date range 17/03/2016 to 18/03/2016:

However this is the filtered results:

Also some figures don’t make sense when filtered by date range (not to me at least!)… I think the totals are working as 18/03/2016 end date only (i.e. that day is included) but the transactions are being considered using datetime therefore only until 18/03/2016 00:00.

@emre what’s your thoughts?


Default filter means it reads filter from account type. So no end date expected there. I should clear that automatically.

But in that case then it would be impossible to filter on a date range, as other than Default there is no other suitable option in the dropdown for a custom date range.

Anyway, Default does work for a range - if I input 17/03/2016 to 19/03/2016, I get all those on 17-18. So only the issue about it handing as datetime instead of date needs resolved. I have customers using account details with custom date filter exactly like this so please don’t remove that!

Wait… what exactly do you mean about reading filter from account type?

That is the filter setting on account types. Primarily account details screen implemented to list transaction details of balance that appears on account summary page.

Filtering by custom date ranges for account types might be misleading but I understand what you mean here. Setting an end date might be useful for some cases and I made some changes for next update. Please let me know if it will work as expected.