Incorrect Inventory

I am facing a issue with inventory items, after selling the products inventory is not matching with the physical stock.

I will share an example:

I purchased a new product, created that product in Samba pos, along with inventory item as well as a recipe so that the product is deducted after being sold.

I added a Inventory Purchase Transaction, the product inventory was shown right that time.

After few days, the product was consumed in between, but now when I checked the inventory it showed the stock increased.

I am sharing the screen shots below:

The product I have created i.e Coca Cola 250ml Pet:

I created it as a inventory item:

and then as a recipe:

I added a Inventory purchase transaction:

I am sharing the screen shot of Inventory sale report, which says 16 Bottles are sold:

Here is the screen shot of Inventory purchase report, which says 29 Bottles were purchased:

The stock in hand should be 29 - 16 = 13, but the stock in system is 66:

I am confused what am I doing wrong?

Please help.

@emre Can you help me on this?

You need to define a transaction unit or at least an additional unit with a multiplier.

Show some End of Day Records.

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