Increase font size in printing

I would like to do something like

I’m using Printer Bixolon 270SRP

Thank you for your help

Have you looked here?

I can not put big letter

order kitchenactual

I want to order

-1cognac 3 Palos/Poca Sal, Desordenado, con azucar
-1cognac Courvoiser/Desordenado
-1Whisky Chivas Regal/Con Azucar

I want to have the letter in size 18


If the height and width settings described in the tutorial I posted above are not satisfying you then look below.

Try this link as well to show how to use HTML printer and div tags for setting font size etc.



sambapos v3 supports HTML?

Oh you posted in version 4 so I assumed you are using version 4. Version 3 forum is at

OK, It was just curious.

I interest me increase my text size , taste with divs but there is the expected result.

I have never used version 3 so I am not sure if it supports HTML printer or not. I would think it does not considering most of the HTML support was developed in version 4.

You might consider upgrading to version 4 or 5 both offer many advantages and enhanced features.

I’m using version 4, and testing with a matrix printer BIXOLON SRP 270,

without results in my adventure.

Based on what you have told us it will be hard to understand where its not working for you. Can you give us an idea of whats working and what is not. Screenshots and a copy of your printer template might help. Any error messages might also help.

I see that English may not be your main language so I apologize if you can not understand me clearly.

Create a copy and edit SambaSettings.txt as show here.

Try increasing font-size setting to a bigger value.

Don’t forget to backup SambaSettings.txt before editing and be sure your printer type is configured as HTML.

V3’s HTML printer is limited compared to V4 or V5. For example it don’t support bitmap printing.

You can ask further V3 questions on website. V3 questions asked here leads to a lot of confusion.


You always my salvation, Thanks Erme
and all that support, they are a great team

sorry for my bad English spoken

supports SUBSTRING?

sorry for the inconvenience

It is my template

This is my result

very separate labels

as I can fix it

I’ll be very Thanked

get rid of the filler tag <F>- after your orders in your [ORDERS] format

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still separated

when a “DIV” is placed there the separation.
as I can do to get together two, “DIV”

mira ahi si se pudo…

Please don’t create multiple posts for same topic. Thank you.

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I am very satisfied with the software, and support
thank you