Increase Order heights

After last nights relvations of "States’ thanks to @Jesse and JTRTech Ive discovered also that states dissapear when an non admin account is used

Because of this the order looks really thin and its hard to select on a touch screen

Is there anyway to change the default size or would I have to add a bunch of states?

Pretty sure we cant change the size of orders added to ticket, although having said that we can add some formatting so i wonder whether we change change the font size, that may make it slightly bigger. Ive not tried this so im not sure if the size formatting tag is available but if you did this i think you have to set it for all the different states

Ok, Did you have any examples of formatting Automation command values as well?

States won’t disappear for non admin if you check show on ticket option in state section of settings. It has that option because some states are for automation and no reason for users to see them. Admin always see them for debugging reasons.

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Pretty sure you can change the font size by formatting the state.
I used a specific FStatus which is a set of formatting order states but you can use Status for basic.

Could you show me an example of the formatting?

Its similar formatting method to entity screen grid buttons.

Pretty sure it will work as I have made orders ‘hidden’ by making size 1 and colour #00000000

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