Info when Settle not possible due to required Order Tag

If I add a salad to a ticket, I have set the order tags up so its mandatory to select a dressing. Together with the option “Auto select” it works like a charm.

If I try to close the ticket without selecting a dressing, I get a nice information about why that isn’t possible:

However, if I click on the Settle-button, nothing at all happens. It’s correct that it shuldn’t be possible to settle without a dressing selected, but I would like the same nice information-box as on Close-button.

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You could probably duplicate on settle button with a message action, unfortunately I am not sure what you would need to put for constraints on that.

Do you have any constraints on your rule for settle automation command?

I have done no changes at all to the settle button. I have not created the message either.
I believe the message is hard coded, right @emre?

That message is hard coded, in your setup you have selected the option, or added a number to the min setting for order tags

If set at 1 for example you cannot close the ticket as you have told samba that a minimum of 1 order tag MUST be selected to proceed. There is also a max setting

If you dont need this then check your order tag settings and ensure min and max are set to zero, then you dont have to select any order tags for the product and the ticket will allow you to close or settle

It was the other way round Rich,
He wants the minimum, there is a prompt on close ticket but not on settle, settle button is just disables (no message)

@RickH, yes, that’s exacly what I have done… and it works like I want it to work. :slight_smile:

However, what I need help with is:

Thank you for helping me explain this… English isn’t my native language… :smile: