Inform Kitchen about a menu: Wait or Send: Ticket Tags

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I have created 2 Ticket Tags on sale Screen. Wait and Send. I need to send a message in the Kitchen to inform Team. Let’s say: Customer has ordered 3 menus. He got first one. After eating first one, he get second one, then last one. To serve the customer at right time, (not bring the second menu before first one is finished) , i need to send a small Ticket to Kitchen, “Wait with Second Menu” or send now “Second Menu”.

Thanks for propositions.

Newely added menus to order list are printed correctly on Kitchen Printer. How is it possible to print same menus when I add a Ticket Tag to order List? Because system print Ticket “only” once new item is added. That is correct.

I need to make excatly same when i add a Ticket Tag without a new menu.

Thanks in Advance.

This is an interesting flow.

If I am understanding you correctly, you want to whole ticket to be printed to the kitchen and rely on the cooks to read the ticket tag to prepare the correct menu?

Could you show some screen shots of how you are letting the cooks know which menu item they are to prepare? The POS screen with orders on it and kitchen ticket template preview.

@Bob_be Thank you very much for reply. Yes you understand me correct.
I want to whole ticket to be printed to the kitchen and rely on the cooks to read the ticket tag to prepare the correct menu.
I can print whole ticket to Kitchen Printer it is OK, but how can I inform Kitchen : Lets say customer has ordered 3 menus:

  • Salad ( send now)
  • Main Menu (wait)
  • Desert (Wait)

after some times status (wait > send) need to be changed.

Main menu is not servered before Salad is consumed, for exemple.

Need to inform Kitchen, using Ticket Tag, to inform what to send in restaurant.


Test this on a test machine first. Do not try this on a production machine.

THIS WILL CHANGE THE FLOW OF ALL YOUR TICKETS GOING FORWARD FROM HERE ON OUT! If you need to only apply it tickets with a Ticket Tag, we will have to do some more constraining. Let me know.

Go to your actions section and duplicate the Execute Kitchen Orders Print Job. Rename it: Execute Kitchen Orders Print Job-No Order Status and clear the Order State Name & Order State fields (leave them blank).

Go to the Ticket Closing Rule and add the new action to the list on the right and drag it to the top.

In the new action put this in the constraints: '{TICKET STATE:Status}' == 'New Orders'
In the action Execute Kitchen Orders Print Job enter this in the constraints: 1==2

Create a new Rule called: Kitchen Menu - Change Ticket Status after Ticket Tag
Select the Event Name: Ticket Tag Selected
Add a Custom Constraint Tag Name Equals <your ticket tag name>
Add an action called: Update Ticket Status
Enter this into the fields:
Status: New Orders
Current Status: Unpaid

What should happen now, is when a new ticket is entered and is closed (not paid) it should send the whole ticket to the kitchen. When a waiter opens the ticket and changes the Ticket Tag, it will change the ticket status to New Orders. When the waiter closes the ticket it will (should) resend the whole ticket to the kitchen with the updated ticket tag. If a waiter opens the ticket just to view it and closes the ticket, it should not resend the ticket to the kitchen…That is why we added new rule and added a constraint to the new action in the existing rule. The reason we put the 1==2 in the existing print job is essentially we turned it off. If you need to use that print job again, just delete the constraint.

I have not tested it. Let me know how it works for your situation.

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@Bob_be Thank you very much. I will test it asap and let you know.