Information regarding samba pos

hello i want to know can i charge client for samba pos installation etc ??

You can’t charge for SambaPOS its free. You can offer services for SambaPOS including setup but you can not market it like its yours. If people want to pay you for assistance with setting up the software I don’t think that violates anything. You should read the agreement before you offer anything however to be sure your compliant.

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i only want to charge for services like installaton; configuring according to clients needs, setup etc .Software will be free.

is it possible?

Yes, charging for your time and services is permissible, so long as it is made clear to the Client that there is no charge for the Software itself.

There are members of this community that have done this already, including myself, since your time can have a value.

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Thanks to all of you

How much do you guys charge for your service?