Inquiry about Sambapos Features for Driver Tracking in Restaurant Delivery Service

Hello, I’ve been utilizing Sambapos for several years. However, I’m currently looking to enhance its functionality. Our restaurant employs a delivery service, and I’d like to incorporate a feature that records the driver’s name when they pick up an order. Additionally, at the end of each month, I’m interested in generating a report through the system that details the number of deliveries each driver completed during that month. Is this capability available in Sambapos? If not, are there any alternative options that come close to fulfilling these requirements?

Hello you can look at this article for an idea of how to build that. You can modify this to your needs.

I think the simplest way would be to use a separate entity type for the delivery service, add drivers to that, the the entity to the ticket.

I will send you some screenshots tomorrow

Here is a GIF sample
I attached a mp4 in a zip file in case you want to scroll through the video back and forth

The idea is to add delivery orders, assign a driver whenever available and from there, can build whatever type of reports you want.

You could go as far as using some 3rd party graphing tools from exported data to build heat maps of your orders and delivery drivers performance (orders delivered).

SambaPOS - Delivery Management Sample

SambaPOS - Delivery Management (2.7 MB)