Installation problem

I managed to install samba and then proceeded to play with it. I then exited and tried to go back in again but it hangs eternally saying loading against a pink background. It just won’t go back in again. Can you please help me out ?

Hello Peter. There might be an error message in the background of pink screen. You can try pressing alt-tab keys to find the error dialog.

Can you please have a look at the attached ?

@peter is this your first installation? If so the configuration string should be

Data Source = SambaPOS4.sdf

How to change SambaPOS3 to SambaPOS4

which database connection are you using?

it seems I am using SambaPOS3 but I think it should be SambaPOS4. Where can this be changes ? Did you see the image I uploaded

I mean are you using sql server express or compact edition?

OK I assume you are using compact edition. Be sure you’ve installed and running latest SambaPOS3 version. If not first download latest SambaPOS3 version and run it once.

Check [my documents]\SambaPOS3 folder. There should be a file named as SambaPOS3.sdf. Copy and paste it to [my documents]\SambaPOS4 folder. Rename it as SambaPOS4.sdf. Restart SambaPOS and if that error pops again type Data Source = SambaPOS4.sdf there.

in My Documents I only have a folder called SambaPOS4 where in there is a database file called SambaPOS4
But in that error image message it seems I am trying to use SambaPOS3

I’m really confused. Have you ever installed SambaPOS 3 before?

NO. So the programme is looking for a different database to the one I have installed ? How do I get around this ?

Try typing this into the message box that shown on your screen shot.


Edit: Sorry I mistyped required connection string.

Yes I did but nothing changed. Still says loading

Yes, Now it’s working. Thanks

Now I am locked out. 1234 is not working. Certainly did not change any password or login pin. How to get back in ?

If you want to reset database you can delete SambaPOS4.sdf file so SambaPOS will regenerate it on restart.