Installing on windows tablet


Can I install Sambapos on this tablet?

Bit confused which ones sambapos supports.



SambaPos supports any windows 7, 8, 8.1, or (10 later). So any of those windows based tablet or computer will work fine. All of those tablets should work just fine. @alex1

As long as its windows 7 or windows 8 and not windows 8 RT it will work just fine. Windows RT will not work. Microsoft has pretty much dropped windows RT so you should be ok with most newer windows 8 tablets… to be sure just make sure its full windows 8 and not RT.

It says windows 8.1 so he should be fine. @kendash

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Thanks everyone!

And I know I should use sambapos v4 but just in case, v3 will run fine on these tablets right? As will v5?

So long as it is not windows RT it should work fine

It even works on Windows XP … in my country there are still so many Windows XP computers especially in restaurants :confused:

V4 does not support XP. You need .net 4.5 to run version 4. Just fyi.

Thanks all, and how about a windows 7 tablet?

It will work on x86 windows PC with .net 4.5 which means pretty much all of them after XP.