Integrator's GraphQL API Guide


hi kendash, you mean i cant use the gloria food integration? is there a way? for someone who dont know so much about these scrpting…
the most important think for me is gloria food, the pm pos is something that would be making the ordering a lot easier i believe, its like an android app for example right?


Emre has put step by step instructions above in this topic, you can follow those, you don’t need any knowledge of scripting to follow the steps…


You will not find a ready made click and install solution though. You will need to understand how to edit it to suit your custom needs.


ok thank you i will try it…


ok thank you too kendash, i will try how far i will come with my knowledge …


It may not make you feel any better but I tried Gloria Food integration for first time last night. After a few hours of fiddling with it I was able to get it fully working. I had very little knowledge of how it worked.


ok thank you for your encouragement :slight_smile:




Its currently in beta. Are you member of beta team?


No I am not

How to become MEMBER of it ?


hello @Jesse i am interested too for the beta team… can you add me?



Where can we test this ?


No it is in beta test.


Is this something I have missed? SambaPOS Go?


Its the android app that is in beta.


Posted above but I’ll repost it here :slight_smile: This is SambaPOS Go.


Ah so I was wrong lol I just assumed. Sorry. Wow that is pretty cool.


Arrr, you could have at least activated the licence on the demo machine :-p lol


Is that seperate app or web based on the kiosk?
Hardware looks very swish…


That hardware looks amazing. Im really impressed with the scale especially. Hoping to see more of this.