Integrator's GraphQL API Guide


Thank you for replying quickly. Turns out, I’m stupid.


No your not stupid. Its an advanced feature takes a steep learning curve. Check out some examples on here and use the docs on right. Sorry for short answers I’m on my phone.


For this step, do I just create a blank notepad file on my desktop, copy/paste the given example into said notepad file, and edit a few variables before I save the file?


I suggest using notepad++ so it formats syntax. But yes just put it in a text file and save as .js and .json


What do I put down for “Endpoint URL”?

edit: Nevermind, I see that I was supposed to select “Poll Selected Orders v2”, not “Manual”.


Am I doing something wrong?

edit: I opened the “Node.js cmd” app and typed in “npm install C:\Users\Public\sambagloria”, which is where script.js and package.json are saved.


Don’t use users dir windows notoriously restricts it. It says it can’t find the json file. Did you make a package.json file?

It’s probably windows restricting the user dir though.


Okay. I moved it the .js and .json files to “c:\sambagloria”. I opened up Node cmd, typed “cd c:\sambagloria”, then “npm install”. I still think something wrong is happening


Show that dir so I see what files are in it



Delete the node_modules dir then run install command


There’s still some sort of an error.


Remember when you change dir you must redo the npm link node-windows command it must be executed inside that Directory. Also did you run the global command? npm install -g node-windows

EDIT: I think I see your problem… your json file is named package.json.json

You have show extensions off… yet you typed an extension on the json file… so it actually named it package.json and the file type is json so it made package.json.json just rename that file to package you should be good.


Im using the pmpos, its very awesome and woks very well but i need change the username when i print the ticket because although I login with another user and change the usernername in the config file, always prints “Administrator” in the ticket , anyone know how do it?


PMPOS is proof-of-concept. It is up to you to figure out how to modify the code.

Or you can buy the Android Client App.

Or you can use GQL Modules project. It has a plethora of features that PMPOS does not.

> Edit gloriaFoodKey variable to setup Gloria Food key.
> Edit serverKey variable to setup GraphQL authentication key.

Is the “gloriaFoodKey” the secret key we generate in the SambaPOS or the environment key Gloria Food generated and is “serverKey” the key generated by Gloria Food ?

I am confused :frowning:


No gloriafood key is the one you setup in gloriafood config page. Server key is the one you setup in sambapos


thanks, now I have to carefully type in the server key as there is no copy and paste function on Application page :frowning:


Sure there is. Control + c


Not in my SambaPOS Edit Application page some how. I can only use Control-C with the Gloria Food Web page.

Arrgh maybe I can copy it during the generation and before saving it.