Intelligent Auto Combo Building - Build combination deals on the fly as you add orders the way the customer talks


Its saying Saved 1,89€ but the price is still 9,60 insted of 7,77


Show your actions and rules.


Its all importet from your import file


I’ll explain how it works later. I modified it a little. Busy at my restaurant tonight.


@Nasenbear I think part of your issue is your portions. It is designed to ignore portions so portions will increase price by the difference from base price.


Nice, that was the missing part i needed.

Now it works. I just needed to add an extra ordertag called Promotion.

Thanks for your help!


I am trying to import the zip file, but it is stuck on the downloading and then nothing happens. Can you please check and let me know, I hope the import will solve my combo creation issue.

Thanks in Advance.


Hello iwaqasi,

I attached the link of step by step document for the auto combo implementation, you can have a look at it;


Thank you so much Nizam. I truly appreciate your kind concern.