Intuitive order tags

I’m wondering if we can get order tags that make customisation far easier.

For example if you have a pizza with four toppings. Let’s say for example cheese, ham, tomato and pineapple. When you select that pizza the 4 order tags come up as selected

If you unselect the tomato one as an example, it adds a tag to the order that says ‘no tomato’. If you then select it again it removes the tag.

There might be a way for the system to do his today I’m not sure.

This would make ordering at a table very easy.

Would appreciate your thoughts.

You can pre tag using the menu item settings table.
Typically in your example you would setup;
Button for marareta pizza but change the header to whatever that selection is - lets say Hawian then set the tags to be preselected in the menu item table of options.
This would then give a Hawian button which adds a margareta pizza order with those preset tags.