Inventory Adjustment for Wastage / Overfill / Underfill

Hi All. Taffy again here. As i mentioned before i followed SambaPOS since 2013 or 2014 thereabout. I even installed it back then i loved it. This year I have started marketing and installed SambaPOS V5 at a few clients and they are happy.

One question though.

How does one adjust inventory to allow for Wastage/ Over fill / Underfilling of drinks sold as tots (portions) such a wines and cocktails? What about meat, cheese, etc. How is this done. If already posted before please reference link. Thank you.

You can manually adjust inventory after closing work period, so if you keep a manual list of wastage items you can adjust off manually at the end of the day.

That doesnt help with tracking what was wastage and cost etc it will just adjust the stock level

Ive created a wastage system using tickets, wastage accounts and separate reporting so you can remove wastage immediately so no need to keep it written down on pieces of paper to adjust off a the end of the night etc

You can then run reports on what items were wasted and how much

The only thing i need to add is a separate price definition for each item for the cost value so that when entering wastage it uses this cost price list for the value and not the sale price

The basic principle is the same as a sale, so you add the item that needs wasting off, and pay that ticket using a wastage method of payment so the total wasted value sits in its own accounting, and that also reduces the inventory levels

Have a look youll be able to use or adapt to your needs, ill find the link now

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This is handled with end of day records. Like Rick said you could also built something more robust if needed.

Hellow I’m still trying to implement this solution but I can’t figure out how the recipe works for this wasted items works, every day I will have different grams or milliliters wasted. how do I adjust the recipe for the amount wasted ? I will have to adjust the recipe every day ?