Inventory and recipe

hi are you asking me to do something like this but this will not save for same product

No, that’s trying to make two recipe for same product.
Look on the left, there is inventory items in ingredients, and products, inventory products are for sub recipies.
Make a inventory product for sauce, make a recipe for the inventory product then add that product to the pizza recipe which uses the actual ‘order product’

hi are you asking me to do like this

No, not sure how to better explain it.
The inventory product would be sauce. It has a receipt then you just add the inventory product for sauce to the pizza recipe along with the other bits.

This also would mean you can make sauce recipe for say 4lt of sauce or whatever batch size it’s made in then just the proportion of that used per pizza in the pizza recipe.

OK i will explain you

i have chicken pizza as menu item

this chicken pizza has inventory and recipe
inventory like flour, cornmeal, cheese and sauce and after making inventory i will make recipe for chicken pizza menu item.
but here sauce i am not purchasing ready made bottle from any store.
i am making sauce in my store.
for this sauce i have to make 1st inventory because this sauce needs material like tomato, chili and water after making this inventory i will add this sauce in chicken pizza recipe.

Yes and I’ll explain again…
Inventory products are for this, it’s a ingedient made in house.
Inventory items for the individual ingredients as you buy them
Inventory products acts as a group on ingredients.
So sauce inventory product groups tomato, spice and water.
Then making pizza recipe you use sauce inventory product as a quick way to add all ingredients for sauce.
I can’t explain it any more… Repeating myself enough… If you can’t understand that tutorial or what I’ve said maybe you should seek paid support.
You could make inventory product for pizza base also of you wanted. Really don’t know how much clearer I can explain this to you.

Inventory items;
Tomato Powder

Inventory product for sauce - recipe;
Tomato Powder

Recipe for chicken pizza;
Sauce inventory product ( so in tourn the inventory items set in recipe for inventory product)
Chicken inventory item

Can’t break it down more than that. If still not clear enough pay someone to do it for you!

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So there can be no confusion (and if still dont follow definatly pay someone to do for you…;

Inventory Items

Inventory Products


Pizza Sauce Recipe

Chicken Pizza Recipe

See how the pizza recipe is a mix of inventory items (ingredients) and inventory products (groups of ingredients)

Obviously I havn’t set qtys etc but if that isnt enough then I give in.