Inventory CONSUMPTION: Inventory Items, Products, Recipes, and Order Tags

Did you follow the tutorial or did you just follow the picture?[quote=“QMcKay, post:2, topic:8148”]
Your Consumption will be reported by Transaction Unit if you do not leave it blank. So if it is defined as Case with a Multiplier of 12, when you sell 1 Can, your consumption will report 1 of 12 = 0.833 of a Case Consumed, with Instock level reported as 0.916 of a Case left. This is not useful in scenarios such as this.

If you leave Transaction Unit blank, your Consumption will be reported by the Base Unit. Most of the time Base Unit Consumption makes more sense. So when you buy 1 Case (of 12), and sell 1 Can, you will see Consumption reported as 1 Can, and your InStock level will be reported as 11 Cans left.

That quote explains it pretty well.

The checkbox beside Additional Units makes it your default Transaction Unit for Purchasing. However, the Consumption will still be reported by the Base Unit unless you have the Transaction Unit defined.

Consumption is never reported by Additional Units, no matter if the box is checked or not. You must define the Transaction Unit.

To define the Transaction Unit as “Case” when you already have an Additional unit defined with the same name, you need to change the name of the Additional unit first (ie. rename it to “CaseA”), then save the Inventory Item, then re-open it, define the Transaction unit as “Case” with a non-zero multiplier, then save it again. Then you can go in one more time and delete the Additional Unit if you want.


Ok I was not deleting the additional unit, when I typed in Case as the Transaction Unit and clicked save It just removed it.
This is working now. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

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Great tutorial. Very informative. I’ve come back to this and studied is quite a few times in an attempt to use as a reference to building a Bar menu for just drinks. Not sure what I’m not comprehending to make this work properly without spending too many hours on the wrong path.

Will keep reviewing to try and find what’s not clicking.


My goal for my client is to track inventory and sales to customers. Should I create a Supplier warehouse to do so? I feel like I’m missing something with configuring this properly.

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What part doesn’t “click” for you?

Inventory Consumption and Customer Sales are not directly related. We can track Product Sales to Customer Entities, which will work for Products having Recipes that are a 1:1 mapping such as a can of soda or bottle of beer, but for other Products that have Recipes that consume multiple “ingredients” (ie. a Pizza or Sandwich), the Inventory Item Consumption is not directly trackable as you might imagine.

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Hello @QMcKay
i have an issue with my setup.
if I enter 2 portions, it should be multiplied in the warehous or not?
why its not multiplying?,





thanks for answers!

and when i make it this way it works…

why is this so???

I cannot read any of that sorry.

Portions don’t “multiply”. I don’t know what you mean by that.

Inventory Product Portions are different than Menu Item Portions, and they are used in different ways.

Inventory Products and Inventory Items are different things. When you create a Recipe, you can use Inventory Items, or Inventory Products, or both. But they are different “line-types”, so you need to choose which type you are adding per-line.

have a look here

yeah if i will do it this way it works, but you explained 4 steps to the master receipt, here you are showing 3 steps.
1 step = create Product
2 step = create Receipe for the Batch
3 step = create Receipe for the Ball
4 step = create Receipe for the Master Produkt right?

but here i see 3 steps or im wrong?

if i want print purchase to invoice how can i do?

Print the Report named Inventory Transaction Report

This is a customisation I want. If I can do this I will Be very Happy. Kindly Help me with what you have done Thank you.

Hi @Flight52 I’m waiting for your replay regarding you Customization…


I’m am in holiday at the moment and won’t be near a computer for another couple of weeks.

I didn’t do anything outside this thread, it is all in there. If you follow it from the very top and skip the sections where I went wrong, you should be good to go in no time.

Sorry I can’t be of more help

Best regards

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Where should this one Be?

I tried Puting it her but It cannot work Isit maybe I placed it on the wrong Place?


Brilliant, thank you. I will use this for my pizzas. I make a batch of pizza dough and use it for lots of different pizzas. All that I need to know is when my stock of pizza bases is below a certain level so that I can make some more. It would be handy to just be able to purchase the dough and make it a part that is used when we sell any pizza. At the moment, when I purchase something, it immediately shows as “consumed” rather than “in stock”; do you know why that is happening? Thanks for your, well composed, article, it is very helpful to us, less experienced, SambaPOS users.