Inventory Excel Export

Having searched endlessly and not come up with what I need, an absolutely failed to build a data export properly myself, hopefully someone can help.

All I am trying to do is create a data export of current inventory levels, i.e. exactly what you get in the standard “Inventory Report”.

Trouble is, I can’t work out how to add the delimiter, and it only gives me the first six characters of each item name.

I know there have been a lot of threads on this but the answers always end up with an inventory consumption report. I do not need an inventory consumption report, I just need stock on hand.

Can anyone help with this? Cheers!

Ok, in typical fashion, after an hour of frustration I found the answer about a minute after I posted this!

So post you issue and solution to help the next person who finds themselves in the same situation.

Fair point!

The correct report was as follows:

{REPORT CONSUMPTION DETAILS:<row>,C.Name.asc,C.Unit,C.Inventory::"{0}","{1}","{2}","{3}",,:::}
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