Inventory Management Software Integration

Hi All,

Is it possible to integrate Sambapos to an Inventory Management Software wheter it’s online or offline?
I’m running a restaurant & snack shop, so i think with an integration to a robust inventory management software will help me to track the inventory a lot.

Here’s what i need from the Inventory Management Software:
Auto min/max update
Multiple order option
Expiry date/Non-moving stock tracking
Fixed/Computed min max Qty
Stock transfer in/out
Merge product
Physical inventory
Stock correction module

If the current sambapos version is not capable yet, i hope the future updates will have this :smile:


Dear Wisefix,

Thanks for the link.
I’ve tried QMcKay’s PHP inventory module before i made this thread.

But i need more fuction such as Item Location name, Label & barcode print, Low stock alert, Cycle count assitance, Multiple warehouse integration, Expiry date/Non-moving stock tracking, etc that i only find on inventory management software such as fishbowl.
So i think it would be really nice if sambapos can be integrated with inventory management software.


@kelvin @Wisefix showed you how @QMcKay implemented his own inventory solution over SambaPOS. (And he also generously shared full source code). If you are asking the integration possibility yes it is possible as we can see from referenced topic; but if you are asking if we’ll integrate SambaPOS to your inventory solution, we may consider that in future releases. We don’t have such integration plans in the near future.


@kelvin with the correct tools, knowledge and programming skills you can integrate whatever you want with SambaPOS and this inventory system made by @QMcKay is proof of it, I’ve seen other very interesting integrations from other members and came to realise how versitile Samba is.

There is however no “easy” integration for what you want, you’ll need to do it yourself by learning Samba first and then developing a solution to integrate or you’ll have to hire someone experienced, if you find one that has the time and will to do it.