Inventory not deducting

hello everyone,am on sambapos version 5 but theres something i dont know where have i gone wrong
i have inventory items which are menu items and are receipe,i tried to make purchases they show up in my warehouse that they have been added,but when i make sales inventory doesnot deduct.
currently i have two warehouse,one is local warehouse and the other is bakery warehouse.

If you have configured your inventory and recipe correctly then check the store/warehouse attached to your department

thanks for the reply,before noticing that error,i already had created receipes for most of my item including restaurant items and items,i only wanted to track bakery products so i deleted all the receipes and started again,thats when the error started.
i wish i restored what what i did but i cant,right now when i try create a new receipe among the one i created it says,that the receipe is already created.

I dont think the issue is with the recipes. Can you share screenshots of your ;

  1. Warehouses

  2. Departments in editing