Inventory questions

Hi all,
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I just has some questions to understand inventory working and I searched in forum with no result to find answers for my questions, and they are:

1- What the purpose to use (End of day records) in inventory? I don’t understand it actually.
2- How to make/create transfer, adjustment in and out, and how to set the opening stock in the beginning of operation? and how to find out them on reports?
3- Is there a cost center in inventory?
4- Cost report has no result in work period, how I use it?

Thanks alot

  1. To evaluate stock and adjust it accordingly at end of day.
  2. Go to Manage > Inventory > Transactions > Add Transaction Document
  3. What do you mean by cost center?
  4. Cost is calculated based off purchases from inventory transactions. It is based off portions and depends on how you setup your multiplier. If you have not done any purchases or your inventory items are not setup then you will never see cost.

So are we talking about v3 or v4?

PS. are you sure you found no results? I typed just Inventory in the search and it pulled up over 60 posts about inventory and probably 1/3 of them are questions exactly like yours with detailed answers.

Great. I upgraded now to V4 and I have looked for what you screen me but it not clarified with my points as I thought.

About cost center. It is a step between raw materials and manufactured. you send raw materials to it then you receive the end product from it.

About transactions, I already did it but it now shows in report as transfer or others, they all including under purchase in report. How to manage it in report while you accept my thought to create in transaction types.

Note, I read the inventory tutorial but my questions are not declared.

Thanks my friend.