Inventory Report Grouped By Inventory Tag

I want to link a supplier/manufacturer to a list of products that they supply us.
I want to put the supplier name as an inventory tag for each item and view an inventory report grouped by ((Supplier Tag)). This helps us when purchasing items because where know where to get what.

Is there a way I can achieve this?

Also is there a way to create purchase orders from the system?

Thank you.

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Thank you for a quick reply. I have followed the tutorial and managed to setup my inventory correctly. The issue now is linking inventory items to suppliers/ manufacturer. I want to be able to view a report of products grouped by supplier.

Let’s Say Supplier A supplies Milk, Eggs, Lettuce and Carrots and Supplier B supplies Chicken, Beef, Burger Patties I want to be able to view inventory list for Supplier A that is (Milk, Eggs, Lettuce and Carrots) and Supplier B that is (Chicken, Beef and Burger Patties) separately.

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Thank you so much. This could do it for now.