Inventory Report v5

Hello i need sambapos to be able to generate a report as attached sample,Hope its possible.

Everything you need to build any report can be found here. 9. Reports – SambaPOS Knowledgebase

Here’s a report I snagged from the forum somewhere and modified. Check and see if everything checks out for you.

[Gross Profit Report:5, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3]
{REPORT COST DETAILS:[C.Name]+' - '+[C.PortionName],
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Hello Memo,
Thanks could you guide me with how to setup the report

You copy and paste it. Then make modifications for your needs


you may have to adjust page size to fit your display needs

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Thanks let me do so.

what the client needs is a category sales report whereby for example today it shows the buying price of beers and selling price of beers and its profit margin so if nothing was sold that day the figures wount change for that particular category.

Buying price 594066/-

Selling price 1206690/-

Profit margin 657624

Soft drinks
Buying price 136697/-

Selling price 475090/-

Profit margin 338393

If you are the reseller I would highly recommend you studying the reports section of our knowledgebase. You can learn and build any report by studying it.

am not a reseller am the restaurant it guy…the reseller seems to not be able to setup the report.