Inventory setup (not found solutions)

Hello @emre i have an issue with Inventory setup in V4. I know V5 is the latest but i’m in need for V4 solution. I believe you may help me since i have go through a lot of similar topic but none match my problem.

The situation here is, i just want to keep track 1-to-1 item in my inventory. A simple can drinks like lychee and etc. I attach the screenshot of the setup i made to make easier for you to know what i’m doing wrong.

PHOTO 1 : The Restaurant setup is all by default.

PHOTO 2 : I create a product named YEO’S LYCHEE, assign a Group Code and Add Portion + I add in the Menu List DRINKS

PHOTO 3 : As shown

PHOTO 4 : As shown

PHOTO 5 : As shown

PHOTO 6: As you can see, after setup made, the consumption is already 24 since no sale made at all.

PHOTO 7 : I made a purchase of 2 Cans of Yeo’s Lychee Drinks

PHOTO 8 : After puchase made, the number of consumption increased instead of decreasing.


You didn’t set a multiplier. Set it to 1

I’m sorry to say but Emre is no longer with us.

This has been covered all over the forum. However v4 is no longer supported you really need to upgrade to v5

@Jesse You mean the multiplier in Inventory Item is it?

Basically if i need my can drinks to be deducted from inventory, what MULTIPLIER amount should i key-in?

I have 24 cans of drinks - this one already declared in Transactions

I also set the recipe as 1 - CAN.

Basically which part in Inventory is the ‘amount decreaser’ everytime the purchase made. I tried to insert 1 as multiplier, but End of Day Records shows me the consumption is 432.

I’m stuck.

Set a transaction unit of 1 and multiplier as 1 please try and search forum. There is a huge amount of posts covering inventory. I would also upgrade to v5 so you can get better support.

V4 is no longer supported.

Here this may help you. Here is an example of how I track Cheesesticks they are 1to1.

Here is how I setup my Inventory Item

Smallest Unit is each. No transaction Unit, 0 multiplier.
I buy them in a case which has 6 bags of 72 cheesesticks. So I made a unit for bag and a unit for case set my multipliers accordingly. I have Case selected as my primary unit that I buy.


Here is the recipe. I serve them in 5s. So one order you get 5 cheese sticks. So when I sell one order it will deduct 5 from inventory.

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I purchase 1 case:

I sell 1 order of cheese sticks it deducts 5 and I have 427 left

@1119 to answer why it is taking it out of your inventory… you set a source warehouse so its putting it in and then imediately taking it out. Do not put source warehouse when doing purchase.

Your document should look like this:

With V5 you can do all purchases through warehouse screen its much easier. You can also attatch suppliers to them.

Here is a good example of some things available only in v5.

Notice my purchase showed up for my supplier that I selected for the purchase.

Dude. All this while this is the only mistake i made was at Transaction ‘Source & Target’…dammnnn it. Gosh, you really help me a lot. Thanks Thanks Thanks.