Inventory Setup problem

Samba V5 PRO version
I have setup a Warehouse, Inventory items, connected the menu items with inventory items via recipes. Bought inventory to the ware house. All that part works fine.
What doesn’t work is automatic inventory decrease once the item is sold.
Advice on what am I missing or reference to a tutorial pertaining to V5 highly appreciated.

Sounds like your recipes are wrong, that’s what will change your inventory, recipes link your inventory items to the products in your menu

Check to see if the department is linked to the correct warehouse. Go to Manage > Settings > Departments and click on the department that you are selling from, check where it says Warehouse if it is the one you want it to pick from.

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Good catch, the warehouse was not set. It is working now!!
However, remember to reboot the SambPOS once you set the warehouse.