Inventory to capture only portion produced

i have red through and i understand inventory items and products and how to map them with products items using recipes.However i would like to simplify how the inventory is done in my restaurant.It requires a lot of time to capture all the inventory items some of which have no too much value.
Let me relate with an example .
Every day i issue out stock to the kitchen,i already know the amount of each item to be produced per stock item. 2kg of wheat flour(inventory item) will produce 20 pieces of Bread(product item) even though their are various other recipes involved,i am only interested with capturing the breads produced.

2kg of ground beef (inv item)will give me 10 portions of beef curry(products).I am not interested with other recipes involved in production of the beef curry i am only interested with the portion produced.If more beef is required for production of another item ,lets beef burger.They will have to request it from the main store 1kg of minced beef will give me 10pcs of burger
The question is how can i configure my inventory module to reflect this.I need to know how i can simplify my inventory,hope you can share your experiences