Inventory -> transactions

I am using App: 4.1.49 DB: 65-65 SQ

Enter 333 as the Document No:
Then click ADD link
select Purchase Transaction Type, select an inventory item name, enter a quantity of 10,000 . Set the unit price to something less than 1 penny. I used .00599 and set the total to 59.90, press the tab key and click the SAVE BUTTON

You will be returned to the Transaction Document window, Now just double click on the 333 document and the POS system crashes.

You shouldnt be setting the total price. If you entered your units correctly when you made the inventory items. It would auto populate the total price.

I just set one of my items as you described… saved it… double clicked it and it did not crash… you must not have your inventory item setup correctly something in your document doesn’t match up. Your issue here is probably caused by the same thing that is causing the other issue you reported in a different thread. If you can provide screenshots of the inventory items from your Inventory Items setup page it would help.

Here are my Inventory List and Items. I have 3 cup sizes and 1 for coffee beans

Recipe List and Item

My Coffee Product

Actually I did try what you said and when I TAB into the field it is not populated, it is only populated if I leave it blank and then tab out of the field.

You should have your transaction unit filled in as whatever unit you buy it as… if you buy it in a box… then that should say Box. Base unit is how you sell it. I know you don’t buy it by the cup. If your using Grams as your base unit… then Multiplier would be how many Grams you get in 1 box when you buy it. So it would almost never be a 1.

Let me show you mine.

This is how you enter inventory items. Now when I do a purchase transaction the units is how many boxes… I put price for unit it auto fills my total. When i add it… it will add x boxes of 3840 ounces to inventory This could be why your cost is not coming out right… your inventory is not entered correctly.

Now that example is a box of syrup for soda fountain. Reason i have 3840 ounces as my multiplier is because I get roughly 3840 ounces of mixed soda from that 1 box.

Here is another item… Lids I sell them 1 lid at a time. I buy them in boxes… and i get 1000 per box… so its setup as follows.

If you use Grams do not set a Transaction unit… and only multiplier of 1… your telling it you buy it by the gram and you only buy 1 gram per transaction…

When entering your transaction … Quantity is how many boxes of Coke I buy usualy 5… unit price is how much per BOX not Oz. So 89.99 press enter… it calculates 5x89.99 =449.95

On this page =>

It says you can leave the Transaction Unit zero

We add new inventory items from Management > Products > Inventory Items list. We’ll create items for Hamburger recipe. The most important part is the Unit configuration. Base unit is the smallest unit of the item and Transaction Unit is the unit we generally use. For example the smallest unit of the tomato is GR and we purchase tomato with KG transaction unit. If I’ll use only base unit I have to leave transaction unit as zero. After saving it I’ll create two more inventory items named “Bread” and “Ketchup”.

So that is what I was doing.

I just set my CoffeeBeans to have a transaction unit and it still crashes with this error

So lets use your example

The way you have that coffee setup.

You enter qty of 10
You enter a Unit price of 10.00
You just bought 10 grams of coffee for 100.00

I do that because I like the report to show me total grams or total units. Say cups come in 25 per pack. I found if I put in they are sold/used by the unit of 1 when I look at the inventory page it shows me total number of units. If I did it by packs. It shows me the percentage of packs. I like doing everything in the unit of 1 and not by the packs. If I find a new vendor that packages then 24 to a pack. Its just easier knowing I have 500 cups on hand and not 20 packs. Its a personal preference.

Gram is the lowest unit you use… so how many grams of coffee do you buy in 1 transaction from your supplier? Lets say it comes in a box… how many grams per box?

you can make that work… but your unit price would have to be calculated at how much per 1 gram. for it to be accurate. So you would have to divide it out and figure out how much your paying for 1 gram of coffee from your supplier and thats your unit price. thats the only way it would be accurate with that setup.

It varies by vendor. I can buy as many grams as I like. Some package them 1814 grams and some at 2268 depending on beans I select.

I do put in the price per gram. I’m also a baker so everything I do is by grams.

Ok I do buy by the unit, but for me personally I want to know I have at least 10,000 grams of coffee in house per day, so even though It might be $20 per unit, I do the math when I enter it in to make sure its by the gram. So I would take the $20 divide it by the 1814 and come up with a unit price of $0.011025

HOw much per gram do you pay? Thats what would go in unit price. And if you buy it at 1814 grams at a time… your qty would be 1814 You should press enter after unit price not tab. It will calculate it if you press enter.

So that should work… try pressing enter after typing unit price… instead of tab If you have no transaction unit… then Unit would be left blank on the document

Yes pressing enter key works as does the tab key out of the field. But if I enter in the total price, and press tab -> save -> double click it will crash the system. I can get by now using the enter or tabbing out of the field.

You should not be entering total price… it should calculate that for you. I dunno then if you have it all right… I even tested typing a total in pressing tab like you … saved… double clicked… no crash.
Can you post screenshot of the transaction page after entering a transaction right before you press save?

Ok i reproduced it… its only if I press tab and manually enter the total. You cannot manually enter it… its designed to be auto populated. Emre should probably just make it so you cant enter something there.

Sorry for the confusion. Its definitely a bug sort of… its not designed to be entered manually so why it lets you … or why it crashes if you do is kinda crazy… It should just replace it with the auto populated number if you do enter something there… or just not let you enter anything there.

So yours should be working fine as long as you don’t attempt to manually enter a total.