Is it possbile to load/show image on message box?

well i would like to add this feature that:

On taking orders from tablet the customer would like to see the picture of the dish which they want to order.

SO is this possible that when product button clicked -> a picture pop up with two button OK and Cancel.

OK -> Adds order to orderline
Cancel -> no order added when product button clicked

something like this???

Yes this is possible, i have just played about with this and got a working implementation for you. Instead of having a pop up for every single item you add to the ticket (as this would start to get inconvenient and slow your order taking down, and i guess not every customer will ask to see a picture of the food they are ordering) this will work by adding the order to the ticket and if the customer wants to see a picture you can then select that order line and press the product image button.

I will show you the steps on how to create this now (this will will take me a little time to complete)

Step 1 - Create a Product Tag Caption called "Product Image"

  • Main Menu
  • Manage
  • Settings
  • Program Settings
  • General Settings
  • Add “Product Image” to the Product Tag Captions Box as below, ensuring that if you have more than 1 Product Tag Caption you separate them with commas as I have below.

Step 2 - Create Automation Command Button

  • Main Menu

  • Manage

  • Automation

  • Automation Commands

  • Add Automation Commands

  • Create as below, customising the colour, font size etc to your liking

  • Dont forget to add mapping, again set this to your liking, I only want the the button to show for certain states as you can see below. Either set your states or leave as the default *, dont forget to set visibility to ORDER LINE

Step 3 - Create Action that wil open the image from a file on your PC

  • Main Menu
  • Manage
  • Automation
  • Actions
  • Add Action
  • Set as shown below, ensure you enter [:File Name] in the File Name field, this will allow you to use this one action and set the File Name in the rule using the Product Tag we set up in Step 1 so this generic rule will work for every product.

Step 4 - Create the Rule

  • Main Menu
  • Manage
  • Automation
  • Rules
  • Add Rule
  • Set up the rule as shown below, when adding the action we created in step 3 the file name field will be blank. Click the little white arrow in the blue bar to open the action settings and type the following as shown in the image below {ITEM TAG:Product Image}

Step 5 - Add your file location of your images to the Product Tag Field created in step 1

  • Main Menu
  • Manage
  • Products
  • Product Tag Editor (lists all products so you can add all file names in one screen, you can alternatively go into each individual product and add the file name to the field in that setting but this would take longer if you need to update multiple products at once)
  • Add the file path of your image to the Product Image Column as shown below (when pressing the Product Image button to activate the rule, this is where the action reads the file name of the image from to display it)

  • Or instead of using Product Tag Editor select Product List instead and select your product to open its details screen and enter the image location in the Product Image field as shown below


  • Main Menu
  • POS
  • Add product to ticket
  • click product to display order line buttons
  • click product image button
  • Your image will open on screen

see screenshots of the flow below:

cheeseburger order added

Press cheeseburger order line on ticket to display order buttons on left hand side

Press product image button to display that products image

hope that helps :slight_smile:

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thank you i will try and update you …

but i have one thing in mind that the product have to be on order line inorder to view the image

what if they dont want to order after looking at the picture or would like to see more picture before ordering?

You can only add one image, to get around that to show more than one image you would have to create this yourself by copying multiple images into microsoft paint for example and save that file so all images are together in one file

If the customer doesnt want to order after looking at the image simply remove that order line from the ticket. I think the default button for this is cancel, after selecting the order. As you can see im my screenshot above i have a purple remove item button that when pressed removes the selected order from the ticket. (I created this when the cancel button was hard coded as i wanted to change the colour and button text, it works the same as the default cancel button)

Having it on order line will save you unecessary pop ups when the customer doesnt need to see a picture, you can then open the image only when it is needed or customer requests it

Having said that my images open in windows image viewer so you could assign an image then when you open your image in samba windows image viewer opens, click the left and right arrows to scroll through all the images in that folder that your original image is in. This would allow you to show as many images as you want just make sure that all the same products images are together or you could create separate folders for each product so only those images can be scrolled through

If you really want the image to appear everytime you add a product to the ticket put the action into an order added rule instead of using a command button

Hope this helps

ok could be possible

one more thing if sambapos can open an external file… how about if we have a html page with menu pics slideshow and call that through the command button. Is this possible?

Yes, instead of putting the image location in the file name field in the action put the web address instead