Is it possible that Voucher Can paid by cash later

Hi, i want to know if i pay ticket by Voucher and after a day or later It can be transfer to Cash.

It is possible but I would think using a Customer Account would be a better method for this. You can track the balance they owe much easier. Voucher is typically used as prepaid currency or free coupon etc. Can you explain why you want voucher to behave like this?

Sorry i think i have to use Customer not Voucher. if any customer eat food and will pay later and for that we pay his ticket to customer account and when he give us cash then how can i pay cash for that ticket.

Go into the accounts section from the main menu, find and open the account then you can add funds/pay the balance off

Sir i have to explain what i want.
in my side i have a system that our some customer borrow food and go away… after few days he came and pay his food charges so that what i have to do.

I think a method for this purpose i pay charged as a Voucher and when he give me Cash I can Re-Open Ticket and Settle by Cash… that’s it

I will show you a short video of how to do it… Give me a moment. IT will use customer accounts but let me show you.

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Ok so this video shows a default SambaPOS setup it includes Customer Accounts. It will show me create a customer and add an account for that customer. I will then select that customer and it starts a ticket for them. I add some items and then settle it with Customer Account. The video then shows me pull up that customer to view the balance which showed 9.24 I then took a payment from that customer towards his account making his balance 0.

Its good… but here is a one more question. When the customer pay cash he demand discount how can i give him discount that time

LOL wierd how can he demand a discount? Arn’t you already helping him by letting him pay later? Discount should be done at time of settle not when customer pays on account. I have never heard of giving someone a discount to settle their account that they owe you.

Lollll. sir its PAKISTAN here is people are very funny. For Example i have to take 210$ but when he pay cash, he give us 200$ then what i do to settle 10$ amount

I understand that… but that is when you settle ticket… a customer account that he owes on is different… Discounts should happen at time of ticket not when customer comes in later to pay balance on an account.

EDIT: Hmm is there any currency for 10$? Why would he give you less than what he owes?

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Thanks i think this option is enough for me. now i have to do many more

Setup a loyalty based discount based on entity customer is, to charge to account it needs entity selected, if customer entity entitled to discount it is applied automatically on entity update/select?

JTR he was talking about a discount when customer pays on their account not on the ticket orders.

I get that but surely if they are entitled to discount it’s not just them asking for it. The fixed factor being needing to select entity in order to charge to account and using that to automatically apply discount if it’s a customer entitled to discount.
Just a thought not a demand :wink: maybe his needs differ but just offering how I would do based on how it would work for me :slight_smile:

It sounds like to me its really not a discount… its a currency thing kinda like change,… etc.

I think hes on about bartering. Happens a lot in different countries.

Tunisia is a big one for it. Go to a restaurant, order the food, come to pay the bill and barter with the waiter for a reduction.

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